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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bicara Hati Episod 25

ok memandangkan sy sibuk dgn exam skrg, sy curi2 juga utk update ttg Bicara Hati ni..hihihi..n Bicara Hati tggl 1 episod lagi sblm melabuhkan tirainya...so that's mean next week dah hbs la...hahahaha..

ok enjoy dgn episod kali ni ya..sy x tgk lagi, dah hbs final nnt baru sy tgk..ni pun just skadar nak share..ttg video dia nnt sy post klu sy dah jmpa k..setakat ni yg ada just download link dia je...

wish me luck 4 my exam..adios~~

Download Link


Part 1

Part 2


Single Link

credit to: jieazzmovie.net & dramatvonline

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